ARSBC 2018: Tools for Timeliness, Estrus Synchronization Planner & Management Minder

Sandy Johnson
Kansas State University

There are 365 days in a year. There are 283 days of gestation, plus or minus. We have 82 days to get a cow cycling and breed.

Kansas State University and Iowa Beef Center have put together 3 versions of the Estrus Synchronization Planner, Excel, mobile, and multi-group.

The sync planner is freely available at

In the tool, you select the type of protocol you are using (estrus detection, estrus detection with clean up AI, and fixed-time AI).

The mobile version is available at

They also have a multi-group version of the Excel estrus synchronization planner. It is important to enable macros within the Excel program so the sheet can work. This allows you to have two groups of heifers, or a group of heifers and a group of cows. This allows you to print out a calendar.

The estrus planner also produces a supply list.

The estrus planner is focused on the few weeks of breeding. Johnson has created a tool for the other 11 months of a year. This tool is called the Management Minder. This tool helps the routine management not to fall under the radar. Can remind about supply purchases, data collection, management timing. Website at

See ARSBC Newsroom for more information.

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