Show-Me-Select Genomic-Enhanced EPD Requirement: Where to purchase the DNA test

The Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program recently announced the requirement that natural service sires have genomic-enhanced EPDs. Where possible, genomic-enhanced EPDs should be available on the bull prior to purchasing him. However, this is not always the case. Some previously purchased bulls will need to be tested prior to February 1, 2020.

If GE-EPDs are needed, DNA testing should be purchased and ordered through the breed association in which the bull is registered. For example, DNA testing for an Angus bull should be purchased through Angus Genetics, Inc.

Do NOT purchase tests designed for commercial heifers (Igenity Beef, GeneMax Advantage, Method Genetics, etc.).

Here is information on purchasing DNA testing for GE-EPDs for several common breed associations used in the program:

Contact AGI Customer Services at 816-383-5100 for assistance.
Submitting DNA Samples to Angus Genetics
Collecting DNA Samples
Testing Options

Red Angus
Contact RAAA National Office at (940) 387-3502 ext 8 for assistance.
How to Submit DNA to Red Angus

Contact the AHA customer service staff at 816-842-3757 with the registration number and test request.
DNA Testing

Contact the ASA customer service at (406) 587-4531 with the registration number and test request.
Ordering a DNA Kit
DNA Testing Forms

Feel free to contact me or your regional livestock specialists if you need assistance collecting a DNA sample or ordering a test for your Show-Me-Select Program bull.


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