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Beef Genetic Prediction Workshop to be held at Kansas City, Dec. 12-13

by Duane Dailey As animal scientists and farmers learn more about beef cattle genetics, this knowledge will be used to make predictions and select breeding stock. A Genetic Prediction Workshop will be held in Kansas City, Dec. 12-13, to share the latest information and experiences. “We’re at a stage where beef breeders, especially seed-stock producers, can learn and add to the discussion,” says Jared Decker, University of Missouri Extension geneticist, Columbia. The conference brings together academic, beef industry, breed association and cattle producer leaders. “Ways to use genomics in cattle selection will be a major focus,” Decker said. The conference is hosted by the Beef Improvement Federation, a national group. The speakers will share their progress. An aim will be to work on ways to use the genome to enhance EPDs (expected progeny differences). Commercial cattle producers can use those EPDs to select breeding stock. The meeting will include plans for making acro

Presentation on broken genes in beef cattle
National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium Brown Bagger seminar

One of the focuses of my  extension program  is helping farmers and ranchers understand how to manage genetic defects in their herds and how science is changing how we identify these broken genes. I recently gave a webinar during the NCBEC Brown Bagger series , which can be viewed here . I know each producers is going to have different opinions about managing defects. The point I strive to make is that we need to use optimal strategies to manage these loss-of-function mutations .