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Producers invited to participate in research to identify cows that match their environment

Researchers to use genomics to better understand hair shedding *Update 28 June 2016: We have recruited all of the animals that we have funds to genotype. We are still happy to receive hair shedding scores, especially for animals with GE-EPDs. But, we will not be collecting any more DNA samples to genotype additional animals. It’s time to pick a new AI sire. You identify a promising sire, but then you are left with a question. Will his daughters work in your environment and the environment of your customers? A new research project lead by researchers at the University of Missouri, Texas A&M, University of Arkansas and DeltaG will use existing data to look for genetic adaptation to regional beef production environments. Much of this research will look for gene-by-environment interactions. When gene-by-environment interactions exist, some genetic variants have large effects in some environments and small effects in others. This leads to cattle that perform poorly in a certain en