North American Limousin Foundation and American Shorthorn Association Move Genetic Evaluations to International Genetic Solutions

Cavans Waterloo Serene S171
Photo by Robert Scarth
Photo by LID
In a blog post by Kris Ringwall I became aware that the American Shorthorn Association has moved its genetic evaluations to International Genetic Solutions, the genetic evaluation arm of the American Simmental Association. The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) has also announced that it is  joining a growing group of breeds that use International Genetic Solutions (IGS) as their service provider for the estimation of EPDs. NALF joins Red Angus Association of America, American Maine-Anjou Association, American Chianina Association, American Simmental Association, American Gelbvieh Association, Canadian Simmental Association, Canadian Angus Association, Candadian Gelbvieh Association, and most recently American Shorthorn Association. The new Shorthorn evaluations were released this fall; the first release of Limousin IGS evaluations will be released in the Spring of 2015.
As Kris Ringwall points out, this is good news for commercial cattlemen as EPDs from these evaluations will be directly comparable across the partner breeds. This also provides a larger quantity of data backing these genetic evaluations. And, in the prediction of EPDs data is the name of the game.


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