Missouri Red Angus Association Creates Centralized Bull Test

The Missouri Red Angus Association invites all Red Angus breeders large and small, near and far, to participate in a newly established bull test. Come and join the new era of the Missouri Red Angus Association.

Missouri Red Angus Association’s (MORAA) Board of Directors has been evaluating the past methodology for marketing bulls at the April MORAA sale in Springfield. Based on their evaluation and consistent member feedback that the old program was inadequate, a new program has been launched. The board believes this will be an excellent marketing opportunity for Red Angus genetics.

For cattlemen who have an interest in participating in the project, the test is now accepting entries with receiving dates from Oct. 1–15 for bulls born January, February and March of 2015.

Entry-Consignment Fee:
  • $200 per bull
  • Paid at entry to the selected developer
  • Consignor must be a current Missouri Red Angus member

Approved Test Facilities & Developers:

The Missouri Red Angus Association asks breeders to please consider including bulls in this testing opportunity. Additional information is also available on the Missouri Red Angus website.

For additional information contact:
Kelly Massey, Secretary
(417) 962-0181
Adapted from Red Angus Association of America press release.


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