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Dr. Jamie Courter is your Mizzou Beef Genetics Extension Specialist

By Jared E. Decker Many of you have probably noticed that things have been a lot less active on the A Steak in Genomics™   blog, but you probably haven't known why. In January 2021, I was named the Wurdack Chair in Animal Genomics at Mizzou, and I now focus on research, with a little bit of teaching. I no longer have an extension appointment. But, with exciting news, the blog is about to become a lot more active! Jamie Courter began as the new MU Extension state beef genetics specialist in the Division of Animal Sciences on September 1, 2023. I have known Jamie for several years, meeting her at BIF when she was a Masters student. I have been impressed by Jamie in my interactions with her since that time.  Dr. Courter and I have been working closely together the last 6 weeks, and I am excited to work together to serve the beef industry for years to come! Jamie holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from North Carolina State University and earned a master's degree in animal

Show-Me-Plus™ Heifers to Sell at Kingsville

Seven Show-Me-Plus heifers will sell at the Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Sale on November 25, 2017 at Kingsville Livestock Auction, starting at 11:00 a.m.

A Show-Me-Plus heifer is a registered or commercial heifer that has genomic predictions. For a registered heifer, this means she has GE-EPDs. For commercial heifers, it means she has been tested with a DNA panel providing genomic predictions.

Below is information about the Show-Me-Plus heifers selling in Kingsville.

Balancer Heifers - Show Me Plus(7 hd)
  • Home-raised and very gentle, commercial Balancer heifers raised with low stress handling, rotational grazing and electric fenced trained.
  •  Sired by Seedstock Plus Gelbvieh bulls that are full of performance and growth, maturing into super cows for the new owner.
  •  Bred to Gelbvieh bulls full of performance, ranking in top 1% for milk, 5% for CE, TM and YG.
  •  All heifers are genomically tested and qualify as Show Me Plus.
  •  4-year “Show-Me-Select” Producer.
Consignor: Pleasantview Cattle Co.
Chuck and Tauy Scott
18320 Pleasant View Drive
Weston, MO 64098


 Projected calving dates:
  • February 14 to March 31, 2018.
  • Natural-bred to Gelbvieh bull

Service Sires
Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)
Young Gun (Balancer)
Rose Hill Gigolo (Gelbvieh)
+17 (.34)
+0.5 (.40)


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